Why I Love Working As A Community Doctor in Taiwan [Podcast]

Why I Love Working As A Community Doctor in Taiwan [Podcast]

We cannot reckon upon the clouds, their laws are so variable, and their conditions so obscure. The same is true with life. This reality has become so manifest to us all lately – since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 – disrupting our lives both at home and abroad and upending the world in every sense of the word. It is therefore a great privilege to have with us a physician, a Taiwanese doctor, share his personal experience in a podcast: Why I Love Working As A Community Doctor In Taiwan!

2. Dr Chih-Kuan Lai is a community doctor at the Department of Family Medicine, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, where he works since 1995.

3. Dr Lai was born in I-Lan County, which is located in the North-eastern part of Taiwan in 1964. He relocated to the capital, Taipei, at the tender age of 16; to pursue his ambition to qualify as a medical doctor.

4. Graduating from Taipei Medical College as a Doctor of Medicine in 1989, he went to Oxford University in 2000 where he obtained a Post-graduate Diploma. Dr Lai went on to graduate with PhD from the Graduate Institute of Epidemiology and Preventative Medicine, College of Public Health, at the National Taiwan University in 2016.

5.  In addition to working as a community doctor, Dr Lai is also an Associate Professor of Family Medicine at National Defence Medical College; and a Clinical Lecturer in Family Medicine at National Yang-Ming University – both institutions situated in Taiwan. He is a General Member of Taiwan Association of Family Medicine, Taiwan Academy of Hospice Palliative Medicine and the Society of Research on Nicotine and Tobacco. Dr Lai has published eleven peer-reviewed journal articles.

6.  In this Episode, Dr Lai shares with us: Why he loves working as a Community Doctor in Taiwan

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